Meet our superstar ingredient – green banana flour.

Why we love it

✔️ Packed with prebiotic fiber that helps nourish your healthy gut bacteria.

✔️ Naturally gluten-free, so all kinds of snackers can enjoy it.

✔️ Makes use of surplus and overproduced bananas, which means less food waste.

✔️ Versatile, delicious and tastes nothing like bananas!

Our Ingredients

Organic Green Banana Flour

Milled from whole, unripe green bananas, this flour is 40% prebiotic fiber by weight, a powerhouse for the gut.

Organic Cassava Flour

The cassava’s tuber-like roots get ground into a resistant starch rich flour that supports gut health.

Organic Gluten Free Oat Flour

Whole grain oats are full of soluble fiber that can increase good bacteria growth in your gut.

Organic Himalayan Salt

Adds minerals and nutrients to our crackers.

Organic Brown Sugar

A pinch of unrefined, additive free brown sugar adds balanced sweetness to our grahams.

Organic Garlic Powder

Beloved for its antibacterial and immune boosting properties, garlic adds a special kick to our crackers.

Organic Onion Powder

Onions are a member of the allium family, a group of plants known to reduce inflammation and support heart health.

Organic Cinnamon

Used for centuries to counter inflammation, organic cinnamon gives our grahams a flavorful boost.

Organic Potato Starch

Full of resistant starch that’s good for the gut.