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Plant Based

I developed a product that is for my friends and family – to share the joy of a crunchy, delicious bite without concern for upset stomachs or dietary restrictions because the joy of food is something I want to share with everyone!

Alex Duong, Founder & CEO

Gut friendly crackers inspired by childhood favorites.

At Fair & Square, we think it's unfair to make people choose between foods that make them happy and foods that make them feel good. We're on a mission to make healthy and delicious snacks that satisfy everyone and support gut health. 

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The superfood that makes all the magic happen.

Say cheese. To bananas - the #1 ingredient in our crackers! Green banana flour is nutty in flavor, naturally gluten free and packed with prebiotic fiber to nurture your gut. Green banana flour also helps cut back on environmental waste by giving new life to surplus and unwanted green bananas. Now that’s Fair & Square.

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